Due to the very high volume of orders this season, processing and communication for some orders may be delayed this spring. At this time commercial orders will take priority. We will be in contact in regards to smaller orders as soon as possible and shipping them out as we are able. Please remember to include your mailing address on the order form, as this will allow us a quicker turnaround time for these orders when the time comes. Please be patient with us as we return emails as well, we will get to you. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding. 

C.O. Keddy Nursery Inc.

For over 40 years C.O. Keddy Nursery Inc has been proud to produce top quality, inspected strawberry plants and raspberry canes for across Canada and the United States.

We also offer an assortment of blackberry plants, asparagus roots and rhubarb crowns for the Canadian market.

NOTE: We no longer are accepting small orders. Minimum order of strawberry plants is 100 of one kind, and minimum order of raspberry canes and asparagus is 25 of all one kind.

We sell over 15 varieties of strawberry plants!

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Our Products

All our plants are grown from foundation stock, our own as well as stock from other sources, in soil fumigated at the recommended labeled rate under carefully controlled conditions. All plants are inspected by professionals from the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and from Perennia.

Strawberry Plants

Here at C.O. Keddy Nursery Inc we offer a large selection of strawberry varieties that are sure to please.
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Raspberry Canes

A favorite by all, we offer a selection of hardy raspberry varieties that will suit your growing needs.

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Black Berries

We offer three types of sweet and tasty blackberry varieties. We have available two thornless varieties as well as one thorned variety. *We currently do not have blackberries in stock
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We offer one tried and true variety that is sure to perform and is tolerant of colder climates.
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With its’ rich and tart flavour rhubarb is becoming increasingly popular in baking and desserts but also in jams and juicing. The variety we offer is great both for cooking or eating raw.
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Sweet Potatoes

In addition to C.O. Keddy Nursery, Charles Keddy Farms also has been successful in the commercial production of sweet potatoes here in Nova Scotia.

*Sorry, we do not sell sweet potato slips
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In order to guarantee that we are offering top quality plants, our nursery continues to participate in research and development programs ensuring that we are able to provide only the best to our loyal customer base. Our goal is to provide you with a product that will help your business continue to prosper and offer our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your production goals.

100% Family Owned for over 40 years

In 1977 Charles and Doris Keddy purchased their first farm in Grafton, Nova Scotia.

Today, C.O. Keddy Nursery Inc is a successful business growing 110 acres of nursery stock and ships all across North America. The farm continues to grow and expand here in Lakeville, NS.

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The Farm

Visitors are always welcome.
Our nursery is located in Lakeville, NS.

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

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C.O. Keddy Nursery Inc
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Phone number: 1-902-678-4497
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