Due to the very high volume of orders this season, processing and communication for some orders may be delayed this spring. At this time commercial orders will take priority. We will be in contact in regards to smaller orders as soon as possible and shipping them out as we are able. Please remember to include your mailing address on the order form, as this will allow us a quicker turnaround time for these orders when the time comes. Please be patient with us as we return emails as well, we will get to you. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding. 

Our Catalog

We thank you for your support over the past 40 years and look forward to meeting your plant needs in 2024 and beyond.

We have product available from approximately April 15 to June 15th, please contact us before placing an order if you’re interested outside of these dates. .

Early season, berry is bright, attractive and has good flavor. RSR*.

Galetta – SOLD OUT
Early, June-bearing strawberry. Large berries that freeze well. Plants are vigorous and runner well. RSR.

AC -Wendy 
Productive, early, medium to large, firm fruit Excellent flavor. Some resistance to powdery mildew and red stele.

Large, firm, early season, ideal fresh market berry. RSR.

Archer – SOLD OUT
Mid, early season. Cold tolerant variety that produces very large, very sweet berries. Uniform conic shape.

Mid-early variety with superior yield and appearance. Excellent shipping berry.

Mid-season variety. Large berries with excellent flavour. Longer growing season then most other commercial varieties. RSR.

Cavendish SOLD OUT
Large, firm mid-season fruit with excellent yields. RSR.

Productive, mid-season berry. Uniform shape and color. RSR.

Mid-season, good flavor, large conical firm, medium red berries, shows some resistance to RSR. Sorry no sales to Quebec or the U.S.

AAC – Audrey – SOLD OUT
Mid-season variety producing large firm berries. Berries are sweet and very tasty. Leaves are moderately susceptible to powdery mildew, similar to Mira.

Mid-season variety vigorous plants, high yields. Berries excellent in size and appearance.

Firm, bright mid-season berries. Heavy production. RSR.

Laurel – SOLD OUT
(K93-20) – Mid -season, medium- large size, medium red colored berry, excellent flavor, average yield. Good resistance to RSR,& black root rot.

Mid-season variety. Medium to large, firm fruit. Nice color, and excellent flavour.

Dickens – SOLD OUT
Mid, June bearing strawberry with high yields that bear late into the season. Firm but flavourful berries. Suitable to cold-winter climates. Root rot tolerant.

A mid-late season variety producing large to very large, firm but juicy berries. Moderately resistant to powdery mildew.

AAC- Evelyn 
A mid-late season variety, producing very large firm berries that have good flavour and a glossy appearance.

Mid-late season variety has large berries of excellent quality and flavor. Vigorous plant growth.

Govenor Simcoe
Late, midseason variety. Berries are firm, and ship well. Mild, pleasant flavour.

Very large, bright red, juicy mid-late berry. Soft skin, firm flesh. RSR.

AC Valley Sunset – SOLD OUT
Very late, large sweet berries. This variety will be producing when all other varieties are finished.

Malwina – SOLD OUT
A high quality, very late season variety. Fruit is glossy and dark red having excellent flavour. Berries are large, and hold size well through the season. Shows resistance to mildew.

Everbearing Varieties

Seascape – SOLD OUT
Good producer of large, good flavor berries.

Berries are large bright red color, firm and good flavor.

 *RSR*: Red Stele Resistant

Royalty Fees

Royalty fees now apply to most new varieties. These fees go to help support various breeding programs. These fees must be added to the cost of plants.

  • AC –Wendy , ACValley Sunset and Albion– add $12.00 per 1000 plants.
  • Encore , Anne- 15% of plant cost.
  • Prelude – 15% of plant cost
  • AAC Eden – 20 % of plant cost/ we can not sell in Quebec.
  • AAC Lila – $15.00/m we can not sell in Quebec or the US
  • Archer – 15% of cost
  • AAC Evelyn, AAC Kate – $17.00 per thousand
  • AAC Audrey – $15.00/m
  • Malwina – $50.00/m

A Dollar for Research

As in other years, our nursery will be sending $1.00 for every 1000 plants sold to the North American Strawberry Research Foundation. Most strawberry nurseries in Canada and the U.S. participate in this program to support strawberry research in North America. Several research projects in Nova Scotia have received funds from the foundation. For more information contact:

North American Strawberry Grower’s Association

72 Julia Dr, Welland, Ontario L3C 0E7
Phone 613-558-3220 info@nasga.org

 Prelude – SOLD OUT
Early variety. Excellent quality of round, red good flavor. Winter hardy, vigorous canes.

Mid-early season variety with excellent quality deep red, firm, sweet berries. Very cold hardy.

This mid-season variety is medium to tall in height. Canes are productive and very winter hardy. Berries are medium in size with good flavor.

Early to Mid season. Canes are spineless, fruit is firm, large, conical, excellent flavor. We are unable to ship to Quebec or the U.S.

This mid-season variety is tall, nearly spineless and high yielding. Plants tend to flower in the fall. Winter hardy. Medium-large bright red firm fruit.

Mid-late variety is medium to tall with a few spines near the base. Medium red fruit of medium firmness is very large. Good hardiness.

Encore – SOLD OUT
Mid late season winter hardy, large berries with good flavour.

Royalty – SOLD OUT
This late variety has a large, vigorous cane and produces medium firm, large berries. The sweet fruit can be picked either red or purple. Royalty is less tart than other varieties.

Heritage  *Everbearing*  
This variety fruits mid-summer and then again in September or October. This variety is winter hardy and upright. Heritage produces medium, firm, flavorful red berries.

Yellow – Fall Bearing

Chester SOLD OUT
(Thornless) This variety produces high quality, tasty berries. Moderately winter hardy, may require some winter protection.

Balsor’s Hardi Black SOLD OUT
This very winter hardy blackberry has grown in Nova Scotia for a long time. Berries are large and tasty. Canes have thorns.

Triple CrownSOLD OUT 
Similar to Chester in winter hardiness. Plant is semi-erect and thornless, large fruit that ripens earlier then Chester.

U.S. customers please note that due to U.S. regulations, we are unable to ship blackberries to the United States.

Guelph Millennium 
This all male variety is known for its cold tolerance, its productivity, and the solid green colour of its tasty spears.

Canada Red 
Brightly colored large, red stalks with light red center.

Commercial Strawberry Plant Price List

Quantity Price Cabot & AAC Lila Price
5000 plus $205.00 $220.00
25000 plus $203.00 $215.00
100,000 + $200.00 $210.00

*NOTE: Prices are for quantities of individual varieties per 1000 plants. Varieties cannot be grouped together for volume discount unless entire order exceeds 25,000 plants. Also note, U.S. orders are payable in U.S. funds. For U.S. customers there is a cost of $100.00 for phytosanitary certificate also $80.00 for custom papers.

Home Garden Strawberry Plant Price List

Quantity Price Cabot & AAC Lilia Ever bearing Price
100 $51.00 $71.00 $99.00
200 $88.00 $103.00 $155.00
300 $113.00 $128.00 $204.00
400 $138.00 $150.00 $242.00
500 $157.00 $170.00 $275.00
1000 $210.00 $235.00 $430.00

* Express Mail is recommended for orders outside NS, NB, & PEI.

Please include cheque or money order with order to cover the entire cost of the order.

Raspberry Price List

Quantity Price AAC Eden
25 $63.00 $68.00
50 $92.00 $99.00
100 $168.00 $185.00
200 $319.00 $345.00
500 $713.00 $770.00
600 $833.00 n/a
700 $953.00 n/a
800 $1073.00 n/a
1000 $1160.00 $1250.00


Rhubarb Crown Price List

Quantity Price
1 to 24 $7.50
25 to 99 $6.75
100 to 499 $6.00
500+ $5.25

* Add 30% to cover shipping & handling

Blackberry Cane Price List

Quantity Price
1 to 24 SOLD OUT
25 to 99 SOLD OUT
100 to 499 SOLD OUT

* Add 30% to cover shipping & handling

Asparagus Crown Price List

Quantity Price
25 $37.50
50 $64.00
100 $118.00
500 $320.00
1000 $480.00

Royalty Fees Price List

Strawberries Price Raspberries Price
AC Wendy $12.00/m AAC Eden (no sales to Quebec) 20% of cost
AC Valley $12.00/m Anne 15% of cost
AAC Lila $15.00/m (no sales to Quebec) Encore 15% of cost
Albion $12.00/m Prelude 15% of cost
Malwina $50.00/m
Archer 15% of cost
AAC Kate $17.00/m
Keepsake 15% of cost
Galetta 15% of cost
Dickens 15% of cost
AAC Evelyn $17.00/m
AAC Audrey $15.00/m

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